P&DD, GoS - Planning and Development Department, Government of Sindh
Government of Pakistan http://www.pakistan.gov.pk/
Government of Sindh http://www.sindh.gov.pk
Planning & Development Department, Govt. of Punjab http://www.pportal.punjab.gov.pk
Planning & Development Department, Govt. of  Balochistan http://apnabalochistan.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=4&id=41&Itemid=557
Planning & Development Department, Govt. of  NWFP http://www.nwfp.gov.pk/P&D/Department/index.php
Planning Commission, Govt. of Pakistan http://www.planningcommission.gov.pk
Finance Department, Govt. of Sindh http://www.fdsindh.gov.pk/site/index.php
Community Development Program, P&D Deptt., Govt. of Sindh http://www.cdpsindh.gov.pk
Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program http://www.bbsydpsindh.gov.pk
Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority / Water Sector Improvement Project http://www.sida.org.pk/WSIP/default.asp
Public Procurement Regulatory Authority http://pprasindh.gov.pk
Sindh Growth & Rural Revitalization Program, Govt. of Sindh http://www.sgrrp.gos.pk
World Bank http://www.worldbank.org
Asian Development Bank http://www.adb.org
International Union for Conservation of Nature http://www.iucn.pk
Sindh Rural Support Organization http://www.srso.org.pk
World Wide Fund for Nature http://www.wwfpak.org
National Rural Support Program http://www.nrsp.org.pk

Economic Affairs Division, Govt. of Pakistan  (Foreign Trainings)


Indus Eco-Region Program http://www.foreverindus.org
Important Emails Phone Numbers of Sindh Gov. http://www.sindh.gov.pk/e_mails/phone_numbers.htm
Sindh Cities Improvement Program http://www.scip.gos.pk